Cosmo All Darts Asia Championship

A visionary dart tourney unlike any other is on the verge of transforming the face of darts in the region. The inaugural Cosmo All Darts Asia Championship 2018 (CADA2018) aims to kick-start an Asian-level tournament in the hopes of drawing the best in Asia into a single playing hall.

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Riding on the back of the established Malaysian Open, CADA2018 will run concurrently with the Cosmo Malaysian Open Darts Championships 2018 in October this year. As the Malaysian Open consistently attracts players of the highest spirit, motivation and calibre, the newly incorporated All Darts Asia Ventures, organisers of CADA2018, hopes to entice the best of the best to sign-up for what promises to be a legendary tournament.

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Our title sponsor Cosmo Darts Japan’s Mr Hiroaki Matsubara with Nozomi, and MDA President Nancy Ambrose with MDA Secretary Pathma CR

The team event championship is open to Asian countries by invitation only. To date, countries that have confirmed their participation include Thailand, India, Hong Kong, Brunei, Iran, Malaysia, Philippines and Japan. The Asian Champion team will walk away with the prize money of RM12,000.

The success of CADA2018 will ensure that the dream of drawing together Asia’s finest once every two years will not only materialize, but also encourage players in the region to shoot for greater heights and claim the title of Asian Champion.